State Council Charter

Objective: To build the sense of IWFA ownership and connectively among members at a local level.


Chair of State Council: The Chair of the State Council will be appointed by resolution of the IWFA Board for a 2 year term.


Members: Members of the State Council will be identified by the State Chair and endorsed by the President of IWFA and advised by the Board of IWFA.



The State Councils will be accountable for:

  • Identification of potential nominations for new members for submission to the nominations committee. (Note – this does not exclude individual members from making nominations.
  • Induction for new members, including assignment of a buddy for each new member and hosting the new member’s events twice per year.
  • State based events, including dine arounds, with notification to the events committee and communications co-ordinator so that a national IWFA calendar can be maintained and circulated.
  • Encouraging members in their State to update their IWFA website profiles and to attend events.


The IWFA Board will be accountable for:

  • Strategy and evolution of the IWFA vision, activities and membership.
  • Approval for new members via the IWFA Nominations Committee.
  • IWFA governance.
  • IWFA financials.
  • Any external engagement, sponsorship or public comment.
  • Interactions with IWF Washington.


Meetings: As at discretion of the Chair.

Reporting: Updates and membership activities will be provided at each IWFA Board meeting.

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