Local Programs & Events

Founding IWF Australia member and long-time IWF affiliate Helen Rule (left) brings her wealth of knowledge and passion to our chapter.

We are here for each other, here for ourselves and here for the next generation of women leaders.

Throughout the year, IWF Australia hosts a variety of programs and events designed to bring our purpose to life: Connect as Women. Grow as Leaders.

IWF Australia is a networking organisation. We network to enhance our personal development. We network to support up-and-coming women leaders. We network to create meaningful relationships with our peers. As such our programs and events seek to leverage both the participation and expertise of our members. We are a community of women helping women. We create an environment wherein our stories of both success and failure can be shared. We find a commonality of experience amidst a broad range of backgrounds, professions and skill sets. Given IWF’s global stature, we ensure our members benefit from the priceless advantage of relationship building on an international level. We come together to make a difference.

Our schedule comprises a range of different types of ‘experiences’ in order to connect, nurture and support our members of today and the future women leaders of tomorrow. IWF Australia members have access to facilitated networking events featuring keynote speakers, dine arounds whereby members connect in a more intimate environment, capability building sessions encouraging work on our own leadership development, mentoring programs allowing our leaders to impart their knowledge as well as the opportunity to attend IWF Global Conferences.