Membership Criteria

International Women's Forum Australia

IWF Australia inaugural AGM October 2014, Melbourne

IWF Forum Development & Membership Criteria

Quality control of the International Women’s Forum (IWF) membership base is a core function of IWF’s Board of Directors. As a membership-by-invitation only organisation, IWF’s highly distinguished membership roster must meet carefully crafted and stringent international standards set by the Board of Directors. The nurturing of this important aspect of IWF’s organisational life is crucial to IWF’s purpose and operations. As an organisation comprised of women at the top of their professions whose influence extends beyond their immediate professional realms, communities and countries, the integrity of IWF’s membership standards is paramount and central to the organisation’s appeal, draw and effectiveness in delivering on the numerous program commitments it carries both to its internal audience and its external partners. With both public, foundational and private funding backing and subsidising IWF’s membership services and programming, this core commitment to protecting the quality of IWF’s membership is unimpeachable and is a driver in all forum development work around the globe.

The IWF is an association of local member affiliate forums around the world. Membership is by invitation only, and is based on an individual’s professional achievement, civic or philanthropic engagement. The strength of IWF is its ability to influence and to empower other women while maintaining its high membership standards. IWF supports and promotes a breadth of diversity across professional, racial, cultural, age and sector-based categories. Two fundamental tenets form the basis of our membership criteria: achievement and diversity.


Members of all of the IWF affiliates are comprised of the top women in all disciplines and professions. These women have accomplishments that are well-known and respected far beyond the communities in which they live and work.


Diversity embodies the unique character of IWF, and includes women from all professions and all areas of interest. The membership is comprised of women involved in law, government, entrepreneurs, CEOs and presidents of major corporations; ambassadors, cabinet heads and other top-level diplomats; renowned artists, humanitarians, scientists, academics, nonprofits and journalists. The focus on diversity is what sets IWF apart from other elite professional organisations. A diverse eclectic group at the very top of their field is rare, however, IWF is such a group.

Suggested Criteria for Individual Candidates:

  • One of the highest ranking women in her corporation and/or profession, and a recognised leader in her profession and community.
  • Members are committed to bettering global leadership today and cultivating women leaders of tomorrow.
  • Demonstrates interest in the IWF Australia chapter, as well as the International Women’s Forum itself.
  • Commitment and availability to actively participate in IWF events and committees.
  • A recognised leader in a field not already well represented within IWF.
  • Fills a void in our leadership vision of diversity within industry sectors and or by their experience.
  • Membership can be throughout Australia, but must be able to actively participate and contribute to IWF’s various events and activities.
  • Members from other IWF affiliate Forums relocating to Australia will become members with a letter of recommendation from their prior Forum’s President.