Meet our Members – Leadership Narratives from Inspiring Women

 Lisa Barron

Meet top fashion designer, IWF Australia founding member, Treasure Chest Foundation instigator and a wonderful promoter of women’s worth – Lisa Barron.


 Sue English-Donkers

Meet Sue English and share her story of journeying to East Timor as a doctor in March 2012. While she was seeing patients in the poverty stricken rural areas, Sue discovered a young woman by the name of Margareta Ornei. Please watch her story to understand just how life-changing a simple moment of connection can be and how some very courageous women set about giving hope to a young girl’s future.

Heleen Cocu-Wassink

Meet Heleen Cocu-Wassink and Amaka Gessler, sharing their experience of participating in the EY IWF WABN Mentor Program to empower elite athletes as they transition into a career in the business world.


Karen Hayes & Stephanie Charles

Meet IWF Australia members Stephanie Charles and Karen Hayes as they discuss their experiences of attending an IWF World Conference.

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